Teaching you everything you need to know to live

"The Headache Preventive Lifestyle"

so that you may feel great and enjoy your life again!


Hello and welcome to the Center for Integrative Headache Prevention!

Numerous factors trigger headache; many within your control, many personal to you. Headaches are a natural phenomenon, but are wholly unnecessary. Our comprehensive, custom-tailored program will teach you what it means to practice the Four Integral Components of living The Headache Preventive Lifestyle. You will learn how the headache/migraine mechanism works, what triggers are known to stimulate headaches, what you are likely doing, inadvertently, to expose yourself to them, how to identify all of YOUR headache triggers and to implement simple practices that will not only reduce your headache trigger exposure, but will also elevate your Headache Threshold (making you more resistant to the headache triggers that are beyond your control, such as barometric pressure). With this vital knowledge, you will take a self-directed approach to controlling your headaches FOREVER! Imagine how wonderful life would be if you are no longer controlled by the fear of the arrival of your next headache or shackled by the pain or headache-related neurological symptoms (such as dizziness, visual disturbances, numbness, tingling, amongst many others).

The Headache Preventive Lifestyle was created by our Founder and Clinical Director, Dr. Laurel Steinberg, herself a former long-time headache sufferer who experienced migraine-related dizziness, visual disturbances, facial pain, numbness and other disabling symptoms throughout her youth. Once properly diagnosed, while a student at Johns Hopkins University, she spent the next 16 years painstakingly creating a scientific, evidence-based, unique and proprietary protocol for preventing headaches. Dr. Steinberg's impetus for designing a program that would free her from having to take medication was her desire to have a healthy baby, as the medication she was taking was known to cause harm to a developing fetus(Pregnancy Category D drugs). She also wanted to escape having to take medications that did not provide complete relief and which caused troublesome side-effects.

By living The Headache Preventive Lifestyle, Dr. Steinberg was able to enjoy a safe and headache-free pregnancy and to this day, she has never had the need to go back to taking that medication. Her methods are informed by cutting-edge headache research conducted at major hospitals and universities (such as Johns Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic and Harvard University, amongst others) as well as by the Psychological/Behavioral Health framework required to prevent headaches using a comprehensive, simple, safe and effective treatment modality.

This is not "pain management" or the need for you to accept a fate in which you have to live a life filled with headache pain. This is HEADACHE PREVENTION that is simple, easy to learn and works wonders. You have nothing to lose -- except your headaches!

Dr. Steinberg is passionate about teaching The Headache Preventive Lifestyle to others so that they too may enjoy a happier and healthier life! She is eager to help you!