Food Suggestions

The Headache Preventive Lifestyle is compatible with all diets and food programs, including vegetarianism, keeping Kosher, etc. The following is a chart of sample menus for particular diets, all of which can be completely customized to suit your every need and fancy.



Sample Headache Preventive Menus:





Low Carb


Waist Watcher


Gluten Free


Sweet Tooth



Cottage cheese with strawberries & sunflower seeds, ½ day-old bagel with jelly, milk

Eggs scrambled with tomato, peppers & ricotta cheese, Chai Rooibos Herbal Tea

Egg white omelet with sautéed mushrooms & scallions, low-calorie whole wheat toast with 2 tsp. butter, McIntosh apple, hot water with fresh mint leaves

Scrambled eggs with scallions and American cheese, small baked potato, milk

Pancakes with strawberries & maple syrup, peppermint herbal tea w/ sugar



Bowtie pasta with shallots, Portobello mushrooms & peas sautéed in EVOO, Asian pear, water

Baked turkey meatballs with marinara sauce & low carb ziti, blackberries, Diet Rite soda

Grilled chicken breast, brown rice, steamed zucchini and peppers, Bosc pear, water

Grilled hamburger served in lettuce wrap with sliced tomato, quinoa, frozen green grapes, ginger ale

Oatmeal topped with brown sugar, cinnamon & pumpkin seeds, watermelon cubes drizzled with simple syrup & sliced mint leaves, Sour Patch Kids candy, grape juice w/ seltzer



Pepper strips w/ homemade hummus, Granny Smith apple with pumpkin seed butter

Small can no-MSG tuna with Wasa crisps, black olives, celery and carrot crudité

Pomegranate arils, grapes, pretzels, water

Air-popped popcorn topped with melted butter and Himalayan pink salt, GF corn cereal with milk and strawberries

Vanilla ice cream sundae topped with mini Swedish Fish, whipped cream & rainbow sprinkles, day-old Krispy Kreme doughnut, water



Fried eggplant cutlets with home made marinara sauce, mixed veggie salad with home made 30-second dressing, day-old-baguette garlic bread, blueberries with whipped cream, seltzer

Broiled beef tenderloin, steamed veggie mix with herb butter, apple juice mixed with seltzer

Broiled tilapia filet seasoned with garlic powder, salt & sesame seeds, baked sweet potato dusted w/ cinnamon, steamed mixed veggies, seltzer

Grilled shrimp & scallops, green beans sautéed in EVOO & sliced garlic, brown rice, apple cider

Grilled chicken topped with mango, tomato, shallot & cilantro salsa, butternut squash mashed with cinnamon, maple syrup & salt, strawberry FrozFruit bar, Ginger Ale