How Headaches Happen & Their Impact

Most people report having experienced a headache at some point, as headaches are a natural phenomenon. For some people, headaches are not much of a problem, however, for others, headaches and related symptoms are a HUGE problem that prevents them from living their best and happiest lives.

How Headaches Happen
Despite the fact that people refer to different "types" of headaches (sinus, tension, migraine, stress, menstrual, vestibular, etc.), all primary headaches are caused by the activation of ONE headache mechanism, believed to be attributed to genetic predisposition.
Headaches have been given varying names, likely because symptoms vary widely, which is SOLELY due to the part of the brain in which the headache mechanism has become active, as in the old real estate joke: "LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION." Headaches are a neurovascular phenomenon which occur when the headache mechanism is activated by specific triggers, causing pain via the inflammation and swelling of blood vessels which are surrounded by delicate nerve fibers, in and around the head. Incomplete activation of the headache mechanism can lead to wide-ranging head discomfort and sinus congestion. It is also common to experience "non-headache" symptoms in the eyes, mouth, face, jaw and neck areas when the activation of the headache mechanism occurs in regions that are in close proximity to the trigeminal nerve.

Headache Threshold and Daily Triggerload Model
Everyone has a Headache Threshold (the point after which the headache mechanism is activated), as well as a Daily Triggerload (the sum of headache triggers one is exposed to that day). When a person's Daily Triggerload rises above the Headache Threshold, headache ensues. The higher above the Headache Threshold one's Daily Triggerload is, the greater will be his/her symptoms. Therefore, The Headache Preventive Lifestyle has two main goals: To teach patients 1) How to reduce the Daily Triggerload and 2) How to elevate the Headache Threshold so as to make them more resilient to the triggers that cannot be prevented. The method is that simple
. It is a seamless integration of beautifully complementary behavioral (read: no medication, no needles) techniques , and is highly effective.

The Impact of Headaches on Society:
Millions of peopl e suffer (unnecessarily) from headache. More than half are severely disabled during an attack, making it difficult to function normally and requiring a significant reduction in activities or even total bed rest (with definite HEARTache). It has been estimated by the National Institute of Health that loss of productivity and missed work due to headache costs U.S. companies $17 billion each year. Another billion dollars per year is spent on prescription or over-the-counter medication to treat headache symptoms.

We understand the impact that headache (and associated neurological symptoms) can have on your fundamental well-being. Your symptoms have likely prevented you from living well in many respects, in addition to having to endure your painful and sometimes frightening symptoms. You may be caught in what we call a "downward spiral of pain," constantly worrying about when the next headache or symptoms will occur, how long they will last and how severe they will be, and if you will have to endure this dreadful condition for the rest of your life . It can be hard to be "the best YOU" in all of your various roles when you are in pain and burdened with worry, and we understand that. We also know that all of these emotions serve to trigger headache over-and-over, causing you to be caught in a cycle which seems to never end ...

Another way in which headache may have impacted your life, is that you may have missed out on opportunities to participate in meaningful activities because you couldn't make long range plans or commitments, because you never knew when you would be felled by an excruciating headache. Once you gain control of your headache, you can explore the world of endeavors you might not have dreamed of doing, perhaps seeking a more challenging job, going back to school, traveling the world or starting a business.

How will YOUR life improve when you learn how to prevent your headache?
The changes that people envision and have achieved are dramatic. Their true excitement lies in the transformations that occur when they graduate from our program, confident that they can prevent their headache FOREVER!