Our Favorite Products

There are many foods that we just love because they make it so easy to enjoy delicious, nutritious foods, all the while preventing headache!

1. "The Great Pumpkin Seed" is a gourmet pumpkin seed butter made by The Peanut Principle. This product is consistently smooth, creamy, nutty and delicious and packed with headache-preventive nutrients riboflavin and magnesium. Made from only ground pumpkin seeds, it is a great substitute for all of us (former) peanut butter lovers.  Enjoy on a sandwich or use as a dip with cut up apples or celery. Yum!  Click here to purchase this product online directly from the manufacturer.




2. Nature Valley "Oats 'n Honey" granola bars are crunchy, nutty and delicious! This combination of honey and oats is a nut-free, nutritious and wholesome snack and is packed with 16 grams of whole grain. Two bars per pouch make for easy sharing! This product is readily available in the granola bar section of your local supermarket.

3. "Yogi Chai Rooibos" tea is an exotic, caffeine-free tea that is a real treat! This earthy tea is "warming and spicy-sweet" and is scented with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and clove. It is delicious with breakfast, as you wind-down for the night or any time you desire something special to warm you from the inside out.  (Also good when served iced.) This product is readily available at most specialty supermarkets such as Whole Foods, but can also be ordered online here .

4. Himalayan Pink Salt, known to be the most complete salt in the world, is infused with 84 minerals, electrolytes and trace elements (of the 118 elements known to science). This salt is a natural, hand-mined, hand-washed and sun-dried salt that is harvested from ancient, unpolluted waters in the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains. Particularly high in magnesium (a known headache preventive agent), Pink Salt also contains potassium, zinc and calcium and has long been used as a healing agent. Use in all recipes instead of table salt or add a 1/2 teaspoon to hot water to create a headache-preventive tonic which many find helpful in alleviating the symptoms of an existing headache. Available at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Wholefoods, or you can purchase it online here , complete with its own built-in grinder.

5. Fiber One "Oats & Caramel" bars are truly delish! Made with whole oats and caramel drops, they also provide 35% of the daily value of dietary fiber. We especially enjoy eating this bar paired with a sliced apple, for a quick, at-home caramel apple experience. Yum! These bars are available in the granola bar section of your local supermarket.