Who We Treat

We treat children, adolescents & adults, both male and female, who suffer from primary headaches, which are headaches not caused by a disease process such as a tumor or aneurysm, etc.

Headache is often described as a "diagnosis of exclusion." This means that the diagnosis is made only after all sinister causes (such as a blood clot, tumor, etc.) and any underlying disease processes have been ruled out. As a result, all of our patients must have been examined by a licensed physician prior to commencing headache preventive treatment. It is very important to be evaluated by a physician if you are experiencing headaches and/or associated neurological symptoms because, although it is extremely rare, headache symptoms sometimes can be indicative of a more serious medical condition.

If you have been diagnosed with a headache condition
( migraine with or w/o aura, sinus, tension, rebound, menstrual, or vestibular headaches, etc. ) and you don't know how to prevent your headaches from recurring, or you are simply too symptomatic to enjoy your personal or professional relationships or endeavors, then it is time for you to learn how to take control of your symptoms by learning to live The Headache Preventive Lifestyle! We will teach you to identify your personal headache triggers and how to reduce your daily exposure to them, as well as how to elevate your Headache Threshold (making you less susceptible to experiencing headaches in the first place). With compassionate and caring counseling in a warm, welcoming environment, we will help you to improve (and in many cases completely eliminate) your headache condition with easy-to-implement techniques that will enhance your well-being and tranquility! We are eager to work with you.

Are any of the following true for you?

1. You have been diagnosed with some type of "headache condition" or "migraine" by a licensed physician.
2. You are tired of enduring painful and debilitating headaches (and possible associated neurological symptoms) and prescription medication or medical procedures (such as injections, dental or sinus surgery, etc.) have not worked for you, or you are not a candidate for those medications or procedures.
3. You want to find out if anything you've been doing has been exacerbating or triggering the onset of your symptoms.
4. You are desirous of learning how to significantly diminish or prevent headache NATURALLY (without the use of medication) and are ready to make minor
modifications to your diet and lifestyle to lessen (or entirely eliminate) the frequency, severity and duration of your headache symptoms.
5. You are ready to become pregnant and do not want to possibly harm your developing fetus by exposing him/her to the side effects of medication.
6. You want to take as little medicine as possible, if you are taking headache preventive medication.
7. You are motivated to apply the skills and principles of The Headache Preventive Lifestyle program so that you can be your own healer, and forever know what to do to prevent your headaches.
8. You no longer want to live in fear of your next headache and what it will rob from you. You are ready to live an enjoyable, in-control life, in which you are the BEST you possible!

If any of the above describes you and you are ready to learn how to live The Headache Preventive Lifestyle, please give us a call at (917) 574-0825. We look forward to working with you!